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What do we do? Things most people wouldn’t.

It’s not the deadstock pickups we’re talking about, or the animal and meat by-product collection. We do things you’d expect other people to do—like return phone calls, answer questions the day they’re asked, and provide the kind of service that would make you want to be a customer.

Plant and Meat Locker By-Product Collection

  • Assigned a local Account Representative
  • Safe, clean, routinely scheduled pick up
  • We have been in business over 80 years
  • Reliable service from people you like
  • Competitive pricing

Deadstock Pickup

  • Able to hoist 2,000lb headaches off your property in minutes
  • Don’t drag it to the fence, remove it professionally, efficiently and cleanly
  • Fast, professional deadstock removal

Call us today for deadstock removal. 800-767-2569