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Central Bi-Products is a full-service rendering company that eliminates the need for any other rendering company. And one reason why is our three facilities. Three facilities offering more room for production and more backup capacity, should there ever be a need. Two facilities processing poultry meal, ruminant-based proteins, feather meal, blood meal and fat products and a third facility processing porcine, hydrolyzed whole chicken, and choice white grease—each designed to be the best food ingredients. Three facilities and hundreds of people ensuring pure perfect protein.

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Why Choose Us

Waste not want not

Here, nothing goes to waste—not even the things most folks would consider waste. We use every part of every animal, turning it into proteins and fats for our clients and a little profit for our farmers. We help keep the landfills clear, and we create a product people can use. How much more environmental can you get?

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2000 pound headaches?

We’ll hoist these nasty headaches off your property in a matter of minutes. You call, we bring the crane, and we’ll take care of everything—professionally, efficiently and, in many cases, almost immediately. Schedule a pickup 800-767-2569.

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