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About Us

Who is CBI?

We make the food that makes the food.

So what makes us different from other renderers? For starters, we don’t skimp on anything. Not quality. Not service. Not anything. We certify every single thing we do (and we’re certified for it, by everyone from APPI to APHIS), so people can be certain they’re getting purity and precisely what they’ve asked for. We deliver on our word, in other words, and it doesn’t matter if there are blizzards or downpours, the truck always shows up on time in the end, we’re selling confindence—not merely proteins or energy or dead stock removal—and confidence isn’t something our competitors can offer.

Simply put: We are the renderer you don’t have to worry about.

Central Bi-Products is a full-service rendering company that operates three complexes: one in Redwood Falls, one in Long Prairie, MN and one in Estherville, IA. Both complexes in Minnesota operate rendering processes for multi-species raw material, poultry raw material, feathers and blood. Each of these processes is supported by its own protein blending plants that provide total protein product segregation. The Iowa facility houses one plant that processes both porcine and poultry materials.